Oregon's Failed Medical Marijuana Program

AqueousChemist - I see one of the three John English supporters are here, so for the FOURTH time I issue this challenge: Though nothing smoked is harmless, enlighten me as to what makes cannabis dangerous? We know as that's a schedule III substance it is not the THC. So what chemical(s) are lurking in cannabis which makes it so dangerous? Better yet, what in cannabis is more harmful than the isotopes of?

It is widely accepted that alcoholism is a'disease'. We destroy their lives and don't throw alcoholics, we treat them. Of course they have paid their tax on the gin that gave the disease to them, so it is legal.

You will need to question the lighting situation for your indoor grow operation. Weed demands type and a certain amount of light to grow. Weed strains need around 20 hours of light per day. During the stage decrease the light to a 12/12 cycle and you will have to use a light.

Katy Perry says she prefers her connection to her cat over men because she understands that she and the cat won't wind up on the cover of some magazine. And Katy claims she's convinced nothing could go wrong with her kitty/Katy relationship because she signed a promissory agreement with her cat that Mrs. Whiskers will never write a meow-all book.

18 states have enacted legislation to legalize marijuana, 10 more states have such laws pending, and two states have gone so far as to decriminalize recreational marijuana use.

May, with a medical marijuana card that is that is , told TMZ, he didn't realize he had been carrying the herbage in his bag when petting the pair of pot-sniffing pooches .

Feeling apprehensive yet? That's enough for me. I call it a police state, when thugs patrol residential streets demanding to see the papers of children useful link and blindly. But I know a whole lot of you are unconvinced. So, let's move on.

The cause of this, is that 98% of network marketers fail to ever make any money. They are unable or unwilling to solicit family and friends. However, if you're able to use the web to have customers and prospects that are looking for opportunity and your product find you the you can try here opportunity side of the business would make sense as well.

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